A ‘good outcome’? The lies just keep coming.

A message from the Editor-in-Chief:
It’s not clear whether the Johnson government is playing games or kite-flying with this outrageous idea that it is considering whether to renege on the Withdrawal Agreement by bringing in legislation which will override international treaties*. These are people who like to try to inure us to future outrages by trialling the grossest possible propositions, which they then appear to back away from – herd immunity being the classic.

*Spoiler: International treaties ‘trump’ national laws…

One thing is crystal clear, though. Johnson lies to UK citizens to get what he wants without a nano-second of hestitation. No Deal may well be a good outcome for a very select, very privileged few. For the UK as a whole, it is an out and out disaster. As for reneging on promises, agreements, contracts? Well. This is a man for whom promises mean absolutely nothing and that is why he has to go.

Too much is at stake to remain silent. Please write to your Conservative MP and ask them how any of this can possibly be a ‘good outcome’. Share this article as widely as you can. It includes a very clear explanation from Femi Oluwole as to why No Deal would not be a good outcome and analysis from Simon Usherwood, Professor of Politics at Surrey University, spelling out the consequences for politics generally and Johnson, in particular, of such a recklessly irresponsible move.