For the party, not the country: Conservatives making money from signed copies of the budget

Budget Day
Image from Conservatives Events team

One of our readers gets emails from the Conservative Party and was shocked to read that they are using a government document to generate funds for the party. Are there no depths to which they will stoop?

We’re looking forward to seeing you online tomorrow at 6:45pm for our in-conversation Budget day event with the Chancellor Rishi Sunak and Party Chairman Oliver Dowden.

They will be answering your questions on the Budget, giving a behind-the-scenes look at Budget day, and a unique insight into the build up to it.

This is also your chance to win a copy of the Budget signed by Chancellor Rishi Sunak. You can enter as many times as you’d like with entries just £5 each.

They continue:

“Your support and events like this are absolutely crucial as we build back better and deliver for the British people.”

Don’t forget that this was a budget which cut tax on banks, reduced duty on bubbly and made internal flights cheaper (only days ahead of the most crucial COP26 for the planet ever) but, hey, let’s boost party funds by flogging tickets to win a copy of this work of smoke and mirrors.

It may be legal to raffle off signed copies of Sunak’s con trick, but is it remotely ethical to use government documents to line the party’s coffers? Like so very many things this government does, it smells wrong…