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First letter in this new regular feature (it’s a cracker!):

Congratulations on your piece in today’s WCB. My reaction to yesterday’s events in Washington is this proposed letter sent to the Western Morning News.
The shocking scenes of the storming of the Capitol in Washington started me wondering how it was conceivable in a democracy for people to support a leader:

  • Whose private life and personality clearly made them unfit for high office.
  • Whose popular image depended on a fake persona created by media exposure.
  • Who lacks political principles, and is motivated entirely by personal gratification through power.
  • Who packed an old and honourable party with sycophants and opportunists.
  • Who won support by dividing people, appealing to nationalism, xenophobia and racism and making impossible promises.
  • Who was prepared to subvert democracy by suspending representative government and attacking judges and media.
  • Who has gravely weakened the international reputation of his nation for competence and honesty.

As you may have guessed, I had Boris Johnson in mind.

Keep fighting!
Tony Green

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