‘He who pays the piper…’ – letter to the editor

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Dear Editor,

So the biggest donor to the Conservative Party in the last year (whatever happened to the Russians?) seems to be getting away with the most blatant racist comments and views, pathetically defended by those who have received what we now know to be 15 million quid from him.

I wonder why he gave it? 

Surely he could have thought of many charitable causes to help him raise his tax allowance.

Perhaps if you read this statement from the Good Law Project it may make more sense:


Hester’s company, TPP, produces software for GP surgeries to store patient data and provide valuable aid to doctors in their day-to-day handling of patient needs. £400m of contracts to date.

Quite recently, patient records were made available so that individual patients can access their own records online. Also patient data is released within the NHS to allow analysis to be drawn referencing trends in care, drug effectiveness etc.

TPP has presided over three data error/breach issues. Two affected 2,600 GP practices. Records were not updated, which may have led to patients being given the wrong treatment or medication, and prescriptions cancelled on the TPP system were not automatically cancelled on other systems like SPINE, used by social care organisations and pharmacies.

The third, ironically, led up to 150,000 patients’ data being shared against their will.

Many doctors fear that this data may be sold to outside parties, drug and insurance companies and private health suppliers.

Many of us believe that the government is driving our health care towards a ‘private’ model, hence the real terms cuts in funding.

Maybe the donation made by Mr Hester should be seen in this context.

There is no such thing as a free lunch.

Ian Jacques


Meanwhile…how about this for evidence of Tories being straight through the looking glass? Ed