Johnson cheerfully proves he does not understand the dreadful ‘oven ready’ Brexit deal he signed. Disgraceful.

Our prime minister is a national embarrassment – on a daily basis – but, today, he has surpassed himself. He is at Chequers for meetings with Angela Merkel and he is so convinced by his own Brexit myth-making, so sure that he can make lies truth just by repeating them, so ideologically-embedded in his Brexit cultism that he is now quite happily spouting off about the consequences of his deal with no awareness that it makes him look a prize idiot.

We know what the game is. Feign horror at the outcome of Brexit and pretend that it’s consequences were not spelled out in the deal. Blame the EU. The nasty EU is screwing us over, punishing us for daring to leave. There’s a big problem with that. It’s just not true.

It has become clearer with each passing day that Johnson and his bellicose bulldog, the inappropriately ennobled Lord Frost, had a) no conception of how the EU works; b) think it’s fine to leave a club and try to keep all the benefits of membership; c) think the UK can get whatever it wants because…well, just because of who we are; d) signed a deal just so they could say they’d signed a deal with no understanding whatsoever of its consequences and an arrogant and dangerous assumption that they could just ignore or renege on the bits they did not like.

Johnson, we now know to our cost, does not do detail. Hell, half or more of the Conservative MPs did not even read through the deal before voting for it. Did Johnson read any of it? Doesn’t look like he did, does it? Details are for minions and when minions point out damaging consequences they are ignored, because what do minions know?

Just watch him here revealing, shamelessly, the extent of his idiocy:

This weapons-grade ‘ignorance’ coupled with bombast, selective amnesia, English exceptionalism and Etonian entitlement means that Johnson is continually, actively damaging the UK and its standing in the world.

Here he is lying to Sophy Ridge:

The Brexiters lied to us. They did not spell out what Brexit meant for the UK. Remainers knew what it would mean. So did economists, many journalists and even a large number of Conservative MPs who have now joined the Brexit cult. The US knew what was going to happen and spelled it out.

Ignorance, real or worse still pretended, is no excuse. Johnson is meant to be our foremost minister of state for goodness sake. Unacceptable. Merkel shows how leaders behave.

We should not have to make the best of it. We deserve better…not because we are entitled but because we are decent.

Brexit and Johnson’s deal made us a third country. Our choice. Our problem, not the EU’s.

Anthea Simmons

I can’t help wondering how many people who voted for Brexit now wish they’d been given the chance to look at Johnson’s allegedly oven-ready deal and decide whether it was really what they wanted. I wonder how many people have ‘if only’ ringing in their heads like an earworm – especially if they are ever […]