Letter to Simon Hoare MP – a constituent expresses his disgust with Johnson’s government

The cumulative effect of a sucession of scandals, incidents of rule-breaking, double standards, lies and evasions is that, for many, this government’s behaviour has become intolerable. At WCB, we’ve often praised Simon Hoare for his more sensible and moderate stance on many hot topics. We have come to expect sycophancy and slavish obedience from many of our region’s MPs, but always hope for rather more from the honourable member for North Dorset.

It seems that this constituent, James Frederick, feels the same way. His disgust for Johnson’s regime is further fuelled by the appalling treatment of the the three million-plus small businesses, sole traders and self-employed completely excluded from any financial help in the pandemic, beyond being told to go and get into debt.

We await Simon Hoare’s response. Will it be another copy and paste? We will update this piece if and when James gets a response.

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