NHS in danger: box set

As a former banker is put in charge of NHS England, Sunak meets US healthcare giants in California, the health and social care bill opens the gates wide for private providers to grab more business and the poor staff are brought to their knees by the mismanagement of Covid, the NHS is under attack like never before.

We are going to have to fight like hell to save it…and to call out a government that has systematically underfunded it and then tried to take credit for the vaccine rollout programme, whilst running from responsibility for the outrageous waste of money that was privatised test, track and trace. They cannot be allowed to get away with hollowing out the NHS to drive us into the arms of the US healthcare rip-off industry. And we cannot allow them to get away with taking the glory for things done by peope they’ve exploited mercilessly.

Meme by Sadie Parker

It may be the only big asset this government has left to flog off to its mates and connections. We have to stop them!

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