Our thanks and a message to you, dear reader

Photo by Josh Boot on Unsplash

First of all, a big thank you for reading and sharing our articles. We’ve only been going five months, but 360,000 people have paid us a visit and that’s fantastic. We are all doing this for love. Love of truth. Love of justice. Love of our country and of our fellow denizens of this precious planet. We are taking a stand against lies, corruption and hatred and we know that you are with us. Thank you.

We are also trying to bring you little pieces of joy, empathy, insight and knowledge, scrumptious delights of writing to be savoured and enjoyed.

Do, please, spread the word. Maybe share our box sets as an introduction to the publication and our Christmas edition?

2020 has been a very, very tough year and the limits on the festive season will be hard to bear for many desperate for a respite from the gloom, but we will be here, sharing news – good and bad – so please drop by for a read! And who knows, you could be writing for us next year. How about it? Get in touch!

Stay safe, stay well. Let’s hope 2021 sees us all back together again.