Review of 2022 – part 1: most-read articles

Photo by Brateevsky

Our top ten reads for 2022 in reverse order.

In at number 10, but thankfully NOT one to have had a go at being in at Number 10 (ho, ho), it’s that delightful ERG-er and Brexiter Sherryl Murray:

At 9, a still sadly relevant piece on the abandoning of the clinically vulnerable to Covid risks:

In 8th slot is one of the most important articles we have been privileged to publish. Written by former senior civil servant, Richard Haviland, it looks as though it will not date as long as these particular Conservatives are in power. More’s the pity.

At number 7, one of the great Russ-in-Cheshire’s wickedly funny and incisive round-ups of Tory malfeasance and incompetence. It’s ‘amusing’ to remind oneself that things actually got worse from this seeming nadir back in April.

Number 6 draws attention to another of our region’s MPs full of the milk of human kindness. What happened to you, Kevin Foster? You were once passably decent…but you drank the Patel Kool-Aid and… the rest is history.

At 5, we give you the first of two Tom Scott articles. Tom is our Cornwall editor and one of our most-admired writers. Would this piece be more damning post the Royal inheritance tax dodge? Maybe.

Number 4 from Adam Sofianos is one of a number of articles laying bare the horrors of the BCP council. Look out for an omnibus edition, but remind yourself or whet your appetite with this cracker:

In third place, a Twitter thread which we jumped on when it came out. We often reproduce Twitter threads with the permission of their authors because there’s some great stuff out there which will be missed by those not on the platform. We’ll make no comment at this stage about the state of Twitter in the hands of megalomaniac Musk…

Runner-up in the popularity stakes is an absolute humdinger from Tom Scott. This piece made it onto our top 10 in 2021, too, narrowly missing out in 2020 when it came out. It’s no accident and I wouldn’t be surprised to see it chart in 2023!!

At number 1, a story from the end of November which went viral and attracted the attention of the nationals. Loder appears to have got away with his desperate measures to avoid meeting constituents for now, but we won’t forget… and nor will the electorate – especially if we remind them. Which we will.

Part 2 will highlight pieces which did not quite get the attention they deserved. You can help put that right!