Richard Murphy’s B of E article ‘a breath of fresh air’ – letter to the editor

The Bank of England acediscovery Wikimedia Commons

Dear Madam,

It was a breath of fresh air reading this, perhaps because it confirmed my views!  I am no economist, I am a retired plumber, living in Newton Abbot.

What gets me is that I left school at 16, and I can see that the Bank of England policy is irrational. Fundamentally, if people have no money to spend, then there will be no growth and we will all grind to a halt. 

The BoE pumped banks with cheap money (and, therefore, the wealthiest) for a decade, dividing society, depressing the pound.  Furthermore, they seem to think of the UK as a closed economy, ignoring that anyone who wants a better return will invest abroad.  It is a strategy of division.

I understand the BoE Governor is to some extent a political appointment; however, it is beyond me why effectively the lead economist in the country thinks Brexit is a good idea – as did his predecessor.   God help us all.

Steve Clark

Newton Abbot, Devon