Rishi closes his eyes to think…

Malibu, California. Photo by Alistair Cunningham Wikimedia Commons

Rishi closes his eyes to think.

This time next year he’ll have left this all behind.



No annoying questions from annoying journalists.

Surrounded by people he can relate to.

Despite all the damage, Rishi knows he has the chance to do one good thing today. This culture war stuff was never really his schtick. He only really began doing it at the time of the Tory leadership race.

He knew he was playing with fire when he appointed Braverman. He doesn’t like her. He doesn’t like the things she says.

He’s allowed her to play him like a fiddle.

And, despite his politics which are far further to the right than many like to imagine, he doesn’t really approve of this police thing. He understands in his heart what’s at stake.

He knows he could go down in history as the PM who stood by and watched as the independence of the police was fatally undermined.

He knows what you call countries where that happens.

Donning that police uniform seemed like a great gimmick for social media at the time.

He’s not so sure now.

Yes, he could do the right thing today. He could sack her and hang the consequences.

He has more to gain than lose if he thinks long term.

Rishi opens his eyes.

His mind is made up.

He’s going to make a veiled criticism of her.


That’ll show her.

Nobody is going to tell Rishi he’s not a leader.