That resignation letter…

Meme by Sadie Parker

Nadine Dorries’ resignation letter in full. It was quite fun to read. I fluctuated between “what on earth is she talking about” to “ha ha, she’s bang on there”; a mixture of whining “poor me” to real hatred towards Sunak!

Wow – a lot of the things she thinks she achieved during her time as MP:

The sale of Channel 4?!

Leading the world in “imposing cultural sanctions” on Putin??

“You flashed your gleaming smile in your Prada shoes and Savile Row suit from behind a camera, but you just weren’t listening.” Huh?!

She thinks that if only Sunak had listened to HER, we’d have a Silicon Valley on Thames tech industry!🙄

She’s right – our political system is utterly unfit for purpose in the modern world. We should NOT have been able to have four prime ministers in six years all brought in without any public vote.

But then she witters on about Johnson’s “political assassination”. 🙄 [And does she have a book to plug, perchance?! Ed]

I have no idea what “public frenzy” she thinks Sunak is responsible for? Surely he’s too much of a wet fish to pull off something like that?

The only public outcry against her is for accepting her MPs salary but refusing to do a shred of work, while coining it in on TV🤬.

She makes a fair point – Sunak is running a zombie parliament. He has achieved absolutely nothing.

She glosses over how Johnson managed to take his party from a “landslide” election in 2019 to being 5 points behind in the polls in just two and a half years! 🤣

Again, she makes a fair point on the dropping of the 2019 manifesto. Sunak has abandoned levelling up and any environmental issues- which were key manifesto pledges in 2019.

But give me strength🙄 “you’ve failed delivering on the benefits of Brexit”.🤷‍♀️ So did your man, Nads – he failed completely!

Moaning that we aren’t going to destroy our economy EVEN more with a “bonfire of regulations” and how dare Sunak manage to sort the Northern Ireland issue!🙄

But then she’s bang on about Sunak taking credit for the tiny fall in inflation – which had diddly squat to do with him!😆

Irony alert! 🚨

“in your impatience to become Prime Minister you put your personal ambition above the stability of the country and our economy”

Hmm… BoJo, anyone?!

Not sure the Tories are all about giving working class people a helping hand, either!

There you go.

She’s gone!🥳

Just a quick reminder of a few of the gems from Nadine Dorries, she of the towering intellect and macabre dietary preferences…

And the time she showed she had no concept of what Brexit meant: