Top ten Tory gaslighting lies

Image by Anthea Bareham

Could have done 100, to be honest, but it would just be even more depressing. It’s important that we don’t let the Conservatives get away with these and other dreadful lies:

  • New gas drilling will reduce domestic bills.
  • Desperate people arriving on boats are the cause of all our woes.
  • Government has no control when inflation is going up but is totally responsible and to be praised if and when it comes down…
  • Only the private sector can rescue the NHS.
  • Brexit benefits have been denied us by Remainers.
  • Public sector pay increases are inflationary, but those in the private sector are not.
  • We can’t tax big oil more because then they won’t invest in green technologies.
  • We have the best growth rate in Europe.
  • Everything would be worse under Labour.
  • Anyone who is woke is out to do the UK down, damage your standard of living and take the food out of your mouths. The woke are the true enemies of the people and must be defeated.

And the right wing media pumps the bile out, day in, day out…. Every day there’s some new lie.

And then there are all those Conservative MPs panicking about losing their £86,584 per annum jobs plus expenses, plus subsidised canteen etc etc and pretending to their constituents that they are not Conservatives! This is the ultimate gaslighting stunt! Trash the economy, erode human rights, renege on climate commitments, destroy the NHS, demonise asylum seekers, persecute Just Stop Oil and then….then…pose as a Green!

He’s only the Tory party chairman, and he’s that proud of his party…

They’re all doing it!

Don’t be fooled. Vote them out!