Truth trumps Brexit

Foreign Secretary, Liz Truss, has told Tory-supporting The Telegraph (£):

“We’ve had our differences with the EU, but now we must stick together against Vladimir Putin”

She added,

“Disagreements over the Northern Ireland Protocol pale in significance to the fight for freedom and democracy.”

While reiterating her determination to “fix” the Northern Ireland Protocol agreed as part of the UK’s exit deal with the EU, Ms Truss stated:

“There is a difference between a negotiation between countries who respect the rule of law, respect basic principles like sovereignty and dealing with a rogue state like Russia.

“I have frank conversations with all our partners, whether it’s the United States, whether it’s the EU, whether it’s Japan, whether it’s India. There are always going to be differences that we need to resolve.

“But those types of differences between friends and allies are different from the scale and the sheer belligerence and aggression and lying of Russia.

“The scale of the issue that we’re facing with Russia is so big, it’s so important, it’s so vital that we all stick together.”

The newspaper commented:

‘Not even the most ardent Brexiteers would take issue with her distinction between the EU and Vladimir Putin’s Russia.

‘However, some may be less sanguine if it emerges that the Foreign Secretary’s comparison is the precursor to a climbdown from securing urgent changes to the protocol.’

Before the referendum, Liz Truss batted for Remain. She said then:

“I don’t want my daughters to grow up in a world where they need a visa or permit to work in Europe; or where they are hampered from growing a business because of extortionate call costs and barriers to trade.”


“Every parent wants their children to grow up in a healthy environment with clean water, fresh air and thriving natural wonders.

“Being part of the EU helps protect these precious resources and spaces.”

But after the referendum, Ms Truss transitioned into an ardent Brexiter, which apparently impressed Boris Johnson.

Truth, however, trumps Brexit. There are absolutely no benefits from Brexit. Not even one. But there are enormous benefits to Britain being in the EU and sticking with our closest, neighbouring, allied countries.


Jon Danzig is a campaigning journalist and film maker who specialises in writing about health, human rights, and Europe. He is also founder of the pro-EU information campaign, Reasons2Rejoin. You can follow Jon Danzig on his Facebook journalism page at