Until the assaults on truth and justice are addressed, how can decent Britons feel proud to be British? Part 1

Photo by Kristina G. on Unsplash

We are being constantly exhorted by this government to believe in Global Britain, to back British business, to rejoice that we have taken back control. The implication is that a failure to get behind Brexit, behind this government and its agenda and handling of the pandemic is a failure to be a true patriot. For many of us these appeals fall on not deaf, but disgusted ears.

When did you last feel truly part of a United Kingdom and proud to be British? Was it the 2012 Olympics, so filled with hope, optimism, camaraderie, the very epitome of diversity and inclusion and a celebration of our rich, outward-looking culture?

And now? How are we supposed to feel anything but shame and dismay at what this country is becoming/has become?

How do we arrest and reverse this departure from decency, humanity, honour?

We can start by seeing the lies, corruption, intolerance and xenophobia for what they are and call them out. Then we say, loudly and clearly so the politicians can hear us : this is NOT who we are. Until the decent majority come together and take a stand for truth, justice and humanity, many of us will find it impossible to feel proud again.

This compendium of things that must be challenged and changed is just the tip of the iceberg and it is not intended to overwhelm or depress you or make you feel like giving up. Quite the reverse. It’s a call to stand up for the truth. Those in power want us divided because they know that if we pull together we can make change happen. Information and knowledge are powerful, too…and since the mainstream media won’t tell you much of this, we (and the Bylines network) are trying to address that gap.


This video has been viewed by getting on for 19 million people and still the BBC and mainstream media will not comment on it or show it:

Culture of corruption and cronyism

Xenophobia, racism and the hostile environment

“UK like an enemy state to EU nationals detained by Border Force”

Voter suppression/weakening democracy

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