WCB event: the true cost of cheap food

The UK today: record foodbank use, hungry children, an obesity crisis and post-Brexit trade deals which threaten to decimate British farming and flood the market with food produced to lower standards, and the politicians chant the ‘cheap food’ mantra.

The costs of cheap food are high – for humans, animals and the planet. What can we do to challenge big business and bad politics?

In the third of our conversations on food and farming, the panel concentrates on the true cost of our food.

Robert Golden, the filmmaker of This Good Earth will talk about those forces in opposition to rapid transformation of the long food chain, and how people are organizing to bring about necessary change.

Samantha Knights, QC Matrix Chambers, will describe modern day slavery in the food chain.

Richard Harvey, Human Rights lawyer, Garden Court Chambers, will discuss what can and perhaps should be done using the law to bring about change.

Watching Robert’s film before the event will help to set the conversation in context, but it’s not a prerequisite for attending. These Q&A sessions are relaxed and wide-ranging, stimulating debate and encouraging engagement. Please join us.