WCB online event: This Good Earth Q&A, 11 Feb, 8pm

West Country Voices is delighted to invite you to a special Q&A event following the release of Robert Golden’s powerful and elegiac film – This Good Earth. The film’s director, Robert Golden will be joined by Professor Timothy Lang, Professor of Food Policy, Centre for Food Policy, City, University of London and Simon Holland, farmer and owner of the highly-successful Washingpool Farm shop outside Bridport.

Professor Lang has had 45 years’ engagement in public & academic research & debate on food systems & change and we are very fortunate to have his participation.

Washingpool Farm is situated 3 miles from West Bay, Dorset, just outside the market town of Bridport. The enterprise is run by three generations of the Holland family.

Est. in 1971 the business has grown dramatically to now include an award winning farm shop, restaurant, fishing lakes, caravan site & two lovely holiday cottages. All situated on a 80 acre working farm that produces its own Devon Ruby Red beef, lamb, eggs and a vast array of fruit, vegetables, flowers and potatoes.

Robert Golden is a multi-award-winning international documentary film maker and former photojournalist.

This film embraces knowledge and our beautiful planet, which hold suffering in common for many from a sense of loss of our place on earth. It is an embrace that includes admiration, sweetness and a kind of love that allows us to lose ourselves in the splendour of other people and other living things.

We know what the barbarians are doing day-by-day, because we see the melting poles, the raging fires, the hungry children, the people who have salvaged only their memories from their washed-away lives.

We know too that the barbarians are now inside the castle’s keep, and that next our books and films will be burned again because they are custodians of all that is fine within humanity, all that instructs, embraces and offers hope, and all that must be erased for the barbarians to increase their grip on wealth and power for as long as this earth and we will allow.

This film is about the reality of global warming, impoverished diets and rising hunger, disease and deaths, and also about loving and conversely about insisting that the only way to maintain one’s dignity and humanity is to resist, but also to turn away from their
impervious brutal order and to build a new and better alternative.

The event is for anyone concerned about the social justice, human rights and ownership issues around food, farming and trade, the health of the soil, the future of species, the impact of climate change on biodiversity and food security. Please try to ensure that you have watched the film before the event.

This is an opportunity to question Robert Golden, Professor Lang and Simon Holland about the making of the film, its message and where we go from here to address the issues facing farming, food production, society and the planet.

To register for this free event, please follow this link. We look forward to seeing you on 11 February and to your questions and engagement with this vital issue that affects all of us, one way or another.