Author: Ashley Beare

After a long career in HMRC I have for the past 10 years been involved in accountancy and also property investment on a part time basis. Since 2000 I have been involved with employment and skills issues on a voluntary basis, starting initially with the then Labour govt's highly successful ' Employment Zones ' that placed thousands of individuals in the SW back into / into employment . That interest has continued ever since and I am particularly passionate about youth employment and skills. I have worked with and maintain close connections with Plymouth City Council in that respect and I also have active involvement with the Plymouth business community, again all on a voluntary, unpaid basis. I have had a lifelong interest in both economics and politics and I am appalled at what I consider to be the govt's reckless approach to Brexit and it's implications for jobs , inward investment and indeed our reputation in the world. I regard myself as both British and European and very much believe in ' unity in strength ' which comes from EU membership

Brexit’s impact on Plymouth: fishing, science and people

Ashley Beare

Where to start? There are literally so many areas of business and life that will be adversely affected. Here is a snapshot of a few, together with my thoughts: – Fisheries Deliberately focused on by the government on an emotional level whilst they are well aware that, in economic reality, fisheries account for 0.12 per […]