Author: John D Turner

John D Turner is an ex civil servant of some 27 years with particular experience in the areas of employment, training and socio-economic regeneration. He was born in Birmingham and has lived and worked in the city for most of his life. But he joined the Civil Service in London, learning after only a few months there that Yes Minister is a lot more true to life than he had ever imagined it to be.

When two tales go to war, one point is all that you can score…

John D Turner

Early in 2016 Boris Johnson wrote two reasoned articles on Brexit, one for and the other against, but only offered up the one for publication. He wrote the two articles to determine which campaign would give him the best chance of getting into Number 10. One has to give him credit for taking a reasoned […]

Has it come to this? Agreeing with Baroness Thatcher (over Nissan)?

John D Turner
nissan logo on the side of a building

Baroness Thatcher would have been appalled. She would want to know why a Tory government, yes a Tory government of self-proclaimed free marketeers, was writing out a blank cheque in the name of the UK taxpayer to give to a successful, profitable Nippon car company and a Chinese Communist Party-owned firm. My politics are centre […]